Our Project

This policy framework sets out the basis of a best practice approach to sea country management. One of the most significant benefits of describing best practice in this way is that it provides Indigenous sea country managers with an opportunity to capture and document their collective and common expectations and aspirations for their sea country. All government decision making, policy development and implementation in sea country should therefore begin with an awareness and understanding of these expectations. At the same time however it should be remembered that this is not intended as, nor should it be regarded as a substitute for meaningful consultation and engagement with Indigenous sea country managers at all levels - be it locally - regionally - or on a state-wide basis. Meaningful engagement from government, conducted in good faith, and in accordance with this policy framework, will also lead to a reduction in legislative and regulatory intervention as the method used to achieve broader public policy objectives on sea country. Policy outcomes achieved through supportive, collaborative and consultative engagement avoids further complicating an already complex web of legislation and regulation over sea country. Such a reduction in the complexity of management regimes covering sea country can only be regarded as a positive outcome. This policy framework is a ‘living’ document in that it should be regularly reviewed and refined in response to change. In this way, the policy framework will always be relevant. In addition, with the realisation of its key strategies it will be possible to effectively engage with a large number of Indigenous sea country managers all at once. This ‘shopfront’ or ‘one-stop-shop’ style or approach to consultation and stakeholder engagement is more efficient and economical with one of the benefits being the potential ability to conduct more detailed and comprehensive consultation within a shorter timeframe. This is something that many stakeholders such as government, would find to be very beneficial.